Ruud Satijnfilm director

the hill by Ruud Satijn

The Hill. Currently in Post-Production.
With: Sylka Feliciano and Mickey Dolan - Written and directed by Ruud Satijn
Produced by Duchy Parade Films

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The Palace

The Palace

Screened at approx 75 festivals, awards in the USA and Australia
With Hilde Prinse and Annabel van Lieshout - Written by Lara Sala
Directed by Ruud Satijn - Produced by Corrino Drama

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Screenings in the Netherlands, USA, Malta and counting
With Judith Edixhoven and Ian Bok - Written by Liesbeth Wieggers
Directed by Ruud Satijn - Produced by Corrino Drama and Liesbeth Wieggers Producties
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